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Jeff Fisher vs. Vince Young: For Those Of You Not Scoring At Home

No, this isn't a shout out to all the married dudes out there.

This is merely an attempt to set the record straight after the latest, and perhaps final dust-up between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.

First the background, evidently Vince Young injures a thumb against Washington today, after going 12-16 for nearly 200 yards and a near 100 point passer rating. After taping the thumb up and wanting, let me repeat, fucking wanting, and begging coach Fisher to get back into a tight game, Vince Young is relegated to the bench by the Titan's head man in favor of Rusty Smith. Yes, FAU's Rusty Smith.

Smith promptly goes 2-9 with a pick that cost the Titans a chance at a game winning overtime field goal, and ultimately the game. Back in the lockerroom, word from people in the Titan's organization is that Vince Young basically told Fisher to fuck himself and then left the lockerroom before the postgame press-conference and interviews would commence.

Of course Fisher as he's prone to do, used the bully-pulpit to flay Vince Young and claim the QB walked out on his team. Fisher goes on to say that Young had a season ending injury and his actions meant he wouldn't be the Titan's starting QB going forward.

Uh, okay. So your star QB is throwing warm up spirals on the sideline in an effort to get back into the fight and you throw him under the bus? Hmmm, makes sense coming from guy who would appear at a public event in the enemy's jersey saying he wore the jersey because he wanted to know what a winner felt like 6 games into an 0-6 season. Oh, then he starts Vince Young and the team goes 8-2 down the stretch.

Since 2006, Jeff Fisher has a 14-18 record with anyone other than Young starting at QB. With Vince Young at the helm, Fisher and the Titans are 26-9. Keep in mind this record was compiled with a wide receiver corp that is regarded as one of the worst units in the National Football League. Still that didn't stop VY from having a passer rating in the 90's.

Of course that is lost on talking heads like Tony Dungy shown above who seem to be falling all over themselves to back Fisher when circumstances and numbers tell a much different tale. Dungy even says that there's no way Fisher is in the wrong because there isn't a coach in the NFL that has his players' backs more than Fish. Given the above photograph, I find this "objective" statement to be a bit dubious.

I also find it funny that Young gets a worse rap than QB's that text their junk to sideline reporters, throw coaches under the bus constantly, and have tearful retirement speeches on a near annual basis. I also find it repulsive that purported rapists get a fairer shake playing the QB position than a guy that just wants to win even if he is a bit immature.

Look, VY isn't going to be confused with Jimmy Carter in terms of diplomacy. He's not one for organizational politics. But I can't help but wonder what kind of margin for error he'd have with that passer rating or winning percentage if he had come out of Kinkaide instead of Madison. Or simply had a head coach without a USC's little man's complex.

Here's to seeing Young at a place that will take advantage of his talents and mitigate maturity issues, in other words, an organization that is serious about winning football games. Miami and Denver would be a great place to land.