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Mike Leach: Just Another F%@ing Lawyer

Mike Leach is in a suing mood again; this time he is taking ESPN and Craig James to court, alleging "willful and negligent defamation" in the coverage of his firing last year.

Leach is accusing the WWL of failure to "retract false and damaging statements" it made from "misinformation" James provided to ESPN. The suit also names Spaeth Communciations as a defendant, claiming James hired the firm for "purposes of creating public opinion hostile to Leach."

Meanwhile Leach's suit against Texas Tech over his firing last December moves on. Both sides have affirmed Judge Bill Sowder's ruling that the individuals named in the suit -- Tech Chancellor Kent Hance, President Guy Bailey, Athletic Director Gerald Myers, and regents Larry Anders and Jerry Turner -- could not be sued.

Both sides appear to be headed to a jury trial over the breach-of-contract issue. Tech fired Leach last December after first suspending him over his dealings with the son of ESPN analyst Craig james, walk-on Adam James. Leach was accused of isolating James in an equipment garage and a media room while he was sitting out practice with a concussion. When Leach refused to sign a letter from the school outlining new guidelines for dealing with players, he was fired right before Tech played in the Alamo Bowl. Leach was completing the first year of a five-year extention as coach of the Red Raiders worth an estimated $12.7 million.