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State of the Texas Program: What srr50 Believes

I just thought everyone should read Steve's comments which were buried on the venting thread. Srr50 has been through this a time or two as a fan and as a professional journalist so he understands the innerworkings and politics of a reclamation project like the one we're about to embark on. You should pay attention to what he has to say because he's been to the show, where all the women have long legs and brains.--Trips Right

From srr50:

This was an ignorant, undisciplined football team from day 1. This was a football team that had the same players making the same mistakes last night that were made against Rice.

That is on the coaches.

I watched A&M’s true freshmen offensive linemen fire out with authority. I saw them actually cut block our rushers. Meanwhile GG gets another tipped ball and interception.

I saw a defense that had the same problems all year long, (weak middle both front and back) and at times looked dazed and confused.

I saw a team that was poorly coached in all three phases of the game. I saw a team that looked for a reason to quit almost every game.

If Mack Brown believes that a few cosmetic changes can fix this — he only thinks this was a miserable year. There are systemic problems that need to be addressed — now.

I understand those who believe that somehow this staff deserves a mulligan. I have heard from ex-coaches who back their bretheren and say that the past success is reason enough to let them try and fix the program.

Times are different now. It really is just as Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein in Watergate. Follow The Money.

Texas is about to sign a deal with ESPN for $200-300 million. The University Athletics Department took in $143 Million last year in revenue. This is like any other major business. When the reveues increase so does the scrutiny and the expectations, as well as the pressure.

This football team just went 5-7 in a year when our four non-conference opponents are currently a combined 14-29. This team just went 5-7 in a year when the Big 12 was – from top to bottom – weaker than it has been in years.

This horrid season did not happen in a vacuum.

Texas A&M is getting better.

Oklahoma State is getting better

Baylor is getting better.

Making a few cosmetic changes and believing that the status quo is basically solid enough to go forward will be a massive mistake.