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Tom Osborne Wants Somebody To Call Dan Beebe

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, you remember them, one of our two conference wins this season, won the Big XII North today.

The scoreboard indicated that after thumping the Buffs, they had in fact wrapped up the role as participant in the Big XII Championship game. However nobody from he Big XII office showed up to give them a trophy.

Apparently they were short on Kevlar vests.

After last weekend's game vs. our friends from down on the Brazos a few excitable Husker fans were feeling disgruntled. Some went so far to send some notes Dan Beebe described this way:

"There were many that were very, very vile, vulgar, disgusting messages, and a lot to administrative assistants and people who don't deserve any of this. I mean, I'm a big boy, I can take it."

One person called and left this voicemail message:

"If I see you on the street, I'm going to hit you in the head with a bottle and stab you."

Beebe went on...

"A lot of them, we can read their numbers. One person was silly enough to put in an e-mail, ‘Are you dead yet? You should be packing a gun.'"

Have fun with that. I think you might enjoy meeting with the authorities.

Tom Osborne sounded unimpressed. Or nonplussed. Or furious. It's really hard to tell with Tom.

"They didn’t think it would be safe to send somebody up. That’s the word I got. … You can call Beebe and ask him [why]."

Dr. Tom continued in his usual inflammatory way:

"They got whatever they got, and they decided not to come. That's OK. I don't have anything to say about that. I've said all I'm going to say. I've had all kinds of e-mails over the years. It's not a problem."

I started this article to poke fun at Dan Beebe and the Huskers but the more I read here, the scarier it got. Now, if I am being credulous and it's all bullshit and it was just a snub, let me know and I'll write another post discussing how funny the Big XII Championship game will be when Nebraska racks up 300 yards in penalties vs. Oklahoma/Ok State/Texas A&M...

We are happy for our good friends at Better Off Red.