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The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers

DeLoss Dodds certainly might want to take out a few. The man is trying to start a media empire, one that might one day rival the FanTake multimedia juggernaut, and he's got shysters clinging to him like Lilliputians. Only these are Bristolputians. Whahuh, ESPN is suing us?

I had a phone call today with somebody who is in a position to know media things. This person thought the Longhorn Network Powered by ESPN deal would get announced this week.

He also mentioned an evolving idea at ESPN that they may want to start creating RSNs around major universities. I'll let srr50 come explain the RSN model in depth. I toss out acronyms, then get the smart guys to come break it down for you. Efficient.

I'll also get Parlin to come by and opine on whether my contextual use of the Shakespeare quote was literal, ironic or just badly misapplied.

Summing up. Longhorn Network Powered By ESPN. ESPN is suing us.

What's up?