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Randy Shannon As DC

I'm being told by some pretty solid sources that Randy Shannon withdrew from an announcement of being hired at Kentucky when the Muschamp news came over the wire. He immediately contacted Texas to express his interest in the job.

Mack Brown needs an immediate defensive coordinator hire to stem the negative momentum we just acquired today. Expect quick action. Shannon is in his comfort zone. Unlike the OC gig, this cannot be a measured hiring timeline. And it may, strangely, have impacted hiring urgency on offense too, given the strong likelihood that Applewhite is going to Gainesville (now maybe not so likely).

If Shannon is hired, his first task will be to reassure a half dozen elite defensive recruits that are currently wavering, some of whom might follow Muschamp to Florida. We're hearing second thoughts being voiced by talents like Steve Edmond, Sheroid Evans, Kendall Thompson to name a few.

Interesting times.