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UPDATED: Teryl Austin - Coordinator Swap, Coming Soon To The Lifetime Channel? Whither Withers?

According to 24-7, he's in negotiations with us as our next DC.

Are Texas and Florida swapping coordinator sister-wives like the couples in The Ice Storm?

Teryl Austin was Florida's DC last year after seven years in the NFL with the Seahawks and Cardinals, where he coached defensive backs. Before that he had 12 years of college coaching (all DB) at Wake, Syracuse and Michigan. His actual coordinator experience is extremely light, but his background matches the very specific requirements laid out in the UT job posting almost exactly.

Just like Randy Shannon. Wrong - Shannon doesn't have 7 years in the NFL. Only three. The plot thickens, doesn't it?

Was Randy Shannon a head fake in South Florida while the real target was in Gainesville?

If Austin's background is exclusively DBs, how does that jibe with Akina? Are our LBs about to get the short end of the coaching stick again?

Austin's defense was characterized by solid statistical rankings betrayed by a very poor offense that inflated points per game allowed with turnovers and short fields. Florida also struggled at times to stop the run. Sound familiar?


Quick update:

It sounds like Austin. It also fits Everett Withers from North Carolina. The job description match is Austin to the tee, but also covers Withers as well:

Minimum twelve (12) years coaching experience in a university 1-A program. Minimum 7 years experience coaching in the NFL

Austin has exactly 12 years coaching college DBs. He was in the NFL for 7. Withers goes 15 and 7.

Also, the job posting mentions no specific time period as a Coordinator. Don't you find that strange?

BTW, Muschamp would not have been hired here under those requirements. They were written with a specific candidate in mind. And that candidate is not Randy Shannon.

It looks a lot like Austin or Withers.