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The Texas Offensive Coordinator Job Posting Is Up

and it tells you exactly who our hire will be.

Follow this line of reasoning carefully:

The OC position has already been open for some time. And before Davis' formal removal, we knew he was gone for some time before that. So why didn't we post the job immediately with our "requirements?"


Because we wanted to identify the candidate(s) and then write the description using their resume(s) as a crib sheet. Voila! This candidate now matches our specifications exactly. This is exactly what we did with the Major Applewhite hire. And seemingly what we've done with Teryl Austin.

Unlike the HR job postings used by corporate HR drones, Bellmont typically tailors its job description to the candidate(s) after the hiring decision has already been made. They're gaming the system to prevent discrimination lawsuits, among other reasons.

So what are the requirements?

Minimum five (5) years coaching experience in a university 1-A program. Experience coaching in the NFL. Experience coaching at a BCS school. Experience with recruiting prospective student-athletes. Thorough knowledge of all facets of football operations including team travel, logistics, planning, recruiting, housing, game day ops, and office management. Experience using XOS technology and ACS software. Demonstrated high ethical standards in all aspects of professional career.

1. Minimum 5 years of coaching experience in college (does not specify coordinator)
2. Experience coaching in the NFL (does not specify coordinator)
3. Experience coaching at BCS school (does not specify coordinator)

That narrows your list of candidates from a universe of possibilities to a fairly narrow pool. However, it's still broad enough to encompass more than one possible candidate.

So who is it? I have some guesses.

What are yours? And why?

If your candidate doesn't meet the requirements above, save yourself the typing.