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Will Muschamp Gets A Nice Pay Raise

When Will Muschamp is officially introduced as the new Head Coach of the Florida Gators, his pay scale will jump to three times what he was making at Texas.

Reports out of Florida indicate that Muschamp will make 2.7 million a year to replace Urban Meyer. That would put him in the middle of the pack among SEC football coaches.

Muschamp's 2.7 million salary will have him making more than Auburn's Gene Chizik -- for the moment.

Alabama's Nick Saban leads the SEC-and the nation-with an annual compensation package of just under $6 million. Les Miles is next at $3.9 million and Arkansas just bumped Bobby Petrino up to $3.5 million. Georgia's Mark Richt is the only other SEC coach ahead of Muschamp with a $2.9 million salary.

Auburn's Gene Chizik makes $2.1 million a year, but since the Tigers, who are in the BCS Championship game, just increased offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn to $1.5 million a year, it is assumed Chizik will get a big raise as well.

Urban Meyer was making $4 million as the Gators coach.