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Will Muschamp's Opening Remarks

At Florida.


Muschamp introduced in Gainesville

Look, I'm hoping Mack gets his shit together, hires some guys who do a great job and we win a bunch of stuff but I got to say, I am really bummed that I won't get a chance to watch Will lead the program.

Guy strikes me as a natural. I like his lack of public speaking polish. I find it refreshing.

As it is, he's in Florida where I will watch with interest to see how his career progresses. Spencer Hall is also curious about h ow he will do. We'll podcast with Spencer tomorrow to discuss why Texas fans are mad he's gone and Florida fans are mad he's there.

But most importantly LSUFreek is happy that Muschamp has joined the SEC.

Boom Motherfucker, indeed.

boom motherfucker