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Cuban Missile Crisis

Mark Cuban has gotten over losing the Rangers to The Express and will instead turn his ICBMs at Roy Kramer's Frankenstein, the BCS.

"The more I think about it, the more sense it makes as opposed to buying a baseball team," Cuban said. "You can do something the whole country wants done."

Certainly, Mark is known to a be a bit dramatic at times and has more than a dash of PT Barnum in him but he seems semi-serious and you have to like anybody going George Hayduke on this silly system. BrickHorn has promised to be along soon with his anti-playoff screed and in the meantime, you can read a lone voice in the BCS wilderness.

From the article.

"Put $500 million in the bank and go to all the schools and pay them money as an option," Cuban said. "Say, 'Look, I'm going to give you X amount every five years. In exchange, you say if you're picked for the playoff system, you'll go.' "

One way to push school presidents toward approving the idea would be to lobby major donors of college athletic programs, Cuban said. He suggested convincing the donors to cut off their donations until their presidents approved a playoff system.

What are Tex Moncrief's thoughts on a playoff?

"It's an inefficient business where there's obviously a better way of doing it," Cuban said. "The only thing that's kept them from doing it is a lack of capital, which I can deal with. The one thing every college football fan wants you can probably create for less than it takes to buy a baseball team."

I do think Mark is naive here but he'll be brought up to speed quickly. A lack of capital clearly isn't the issue. A stranglehold on the IP by Jim Delany is really the issue. Even Jim Delany has admitted there is a shitton more money to be made with a playoff. However, as more universities struggle with funding, Title 9, etc., they are going to become desperate for cash so this sort of thing making news can only help. At any rate, welcome to the war.

Dan Shanoff says the SEC could just blow it up themselves. Roy Kramer would be very confused. Or not.

As we start what is probably the most craptacular bowl season I can remember, I can't help but think how much fun it would be to see the best teams playing meaningful games through the month.