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Offensive Line Coach Posting

This seemingly straightforward posting also has some interesting verbiage that we can all read far too much into to support various wildly wrong theories. The Internet is fun.

Am I the only person who sees hints of running game coordinator, not just OL coach?


- Assist in the planning and implementation for the offense in football.
- Implement a game plan for a running and passing game, goal line and short yardage, protections, top 10 runs, red zone run downs, coming out. Protections for passing game: run down passes, red zone passes, etc.
- Co-develop the offensive play book to include fronts, runs, protections, screens, passes, and installation.
- Responsible for evaluating recruits in the East Texas region.

This is a straightforward replacement of MacWhorter's duties as a recruiter and it certainly reads innocently enough, but "co-develop offensive playbook" and "planning and implementation" gave me an eyebrow raise?

It made me feel all Bob Bostady.

The preferred qualifications don't offer much:

- Minimum 5 years coaching experience in a university 1-A program.
- Experience coaching at a BCS school.
- Experience coaching in the National Football League.

This is the single most important position coach hire we will make. A great recruiter would be nice, but the essential non-negotiable is an X and O, development, evaluation, and technical badass. OL, next to QB, is the most technical, development heavy position on the football field. RB coach it is not. We need a home run.

Crowdsource, please.