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Special Teams/Defensive Line Coach Job Posting

This is worth your time examining.

Particularly the specific pairing of Defensive Line coach with Special Teams. Isn't that suggestive of an identified candidate? Why would you pair those requirements if you haven't already made specific steps towards staff formation? Otherwise, you're limiting your flexibility.

That may also be further confirmation that the DC has been chosen and they may have already taken a step towards 1). hiring a combo DT/ST coach as they know now the formation of the rest of the staff (and it appears the DC is coaching LBs) - or, perhaps - 2). getting some hiring wiggle room with Giles assuming the entire DL and Special Teams.

The essential qualifications?

- Plan and implement game plan for special teams: punt cover, punt return, kickoff, kickoff return, PAT field goals, etc.
- Manage

    all functions

for the defensive line. Defensive functions to include but not be limited to game plan functions as assigned by the defensive coordinator, analysis of all defensive line recruits, and analysis of all specialist recruits. Specialists coach for punters, kickers, and snappers.
- Responsible for evaluating recruits in the West Texas region.

The fact that this coach is responsible for all special teams functions, would have West Texas, and there is some breadth with respect to how the DL function is written - is it DT and DE? - all are worth an eyebrow arch.

The preferred qualifications are rather broad:

- Minimum 5 years coaching experience in a university 1-A program.
- Experience coaching at a BCS school.
- Experience coaching in the National Football League.
- Knowledge of compromising pictures Greg Davis had of Mack Brown

Let's crowdsource this a little - what do you read in these tea leaves?