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The Texas Defensive Coordinator Hire: Not So Fast, My Friends?

Jesus Shuttlesworth just offered a compelling update over on the Recruitocosm.

Maybe Austin isn't headed to Austin?

Supposedly, profiling is a bad thing, but apparently our desired profile for Defensive Coordinator is clear - fortysomething African American defensive coordinator with a background coaching/playing DB in college and the NFL.


- Dewayne Walker
-Teryl Austin
- Everett Withers
- Jerry Gray

To further thicken the plot, Dewayne Walker finished in our Top 3 when we did the Muschamp hire. Mack knows who he is. And Dewayne is no blank slate as a DC hire. He has a lengthy track record. As does Everett Withers. And certainly Gray at the pro level.

Another fun fact - Tom Dienhart just tweeted that a source close to Walker reported his involvement in our process. Interestingly, Dienhart incorrectly reported Dewayne Walker to Washington as their DC in 2008 - later retracted by the Sporting News when Walker stayed in Westwood.

Is Walker helping Tom out after accidentally burning him last time? Or does Walker's agent have a particular gift for getting in Dienhart's head to get Walker's name out there?

Apology accepted, Jesus. You taught us forgiveness above all.