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Bo Knows Vince

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Yes, the Carnival is unapologetically rooting for Vince Young.

He's our boy.

We want him to succeed because he gave many of us our best spectator sports moment. He was able to slay a putative dynasty and his own playbook. He restored pride in our storied and beloved program, something sorely missing right now.

Sure, he can handle some things better than he has to date but at this point it seems that the press whoring despot in NashVegas is actively working against the guy, who like, saved his job last year. Irony!

Enter Longhorn Bo Scaife, who tactfully eviscerates Coach Fish.

Tight end Bo Scaife admitted some players have hard feelings about Young's actions after the Nov. 21 loss to the Redskins, when he cursed Coach Jeff Fisher in front of the team and left the locker room abruptly.

"I know his teammates definitely want him here," Scaife said Wednesday. "The more I think about that, I guess the locker room might be divided up. But I know all the guys on my side (offense), we all love VY."

Kenny Britt will help towel off anybody who gets a bit lathered up.

Kenny was promptly fined five grand for his show of solidarity.

Scaife, one of the quarterback's closest friends, said he believes Young doesn't feel welcome.

"I think Jeff has probably given that impression to him," Scaife said. "That is between him and Coach Fish, and no one knows what is going on between them two. But if people knew the real story they might understand the situation a little better."

Seriously, these guys are putting the fun back in dysfunction.

Apparently, Vince stopped by but didn't palaver with Fish.

Isn't Bud Adams the guy who was flipping people off out of his luxury box? What happens to this situation? Does one stay? Do both leave? If they both stay, I'm going to buy the franchise just so I can fire Fisher.

Really would like to see VY get a few chances before his legs age much more.