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Dana Holgorsen Will Set A Hotel Couch On Fire

Win he wins his first game in Morgantown.

As you know, Dana didn't get past the extreme rigors of Texas Athletic Department vetting process when it came time to begin our search. Dude apparently likes pussy and whiskey. Sue him.

Admittance to Bellmont these days is apparently on par with John Morgan trying to join the Sioux, though one does wonder who is setting the pace here.

At any rate, newish West Virginia AD Oliver Luck, pops of Stanford's Andrew, interviewed Dana and dug his vibe. As did Holly at EDSBS. It's West Virginia, man. Pokelahoma, however, is not crazy about the timing.

The arrangement makes Holgorsen the latest contestant in the Head Coach In Waiting game. The clear difference here is he takes the reins after exactly one season. The more I reflect on our deal, it seems absurd to have expected an easy transition and brief interregnum if (a) there was no set date or (b) the smoking crater of 2010 created a situation where Mack felt he needed to stay on and changed a set date.

Obviously the Florida gig is a take irrespective of any of the other stuff but in terms of human nature, you can't take a talented, in-demand guy who craves the leadership mantle and string him along. It can easily create resentment on both sides.

Oh well.

As for Dana, please listen to this interview with John and Lance from 1560 The Game

It's time well spent. Equal parts X's and O's and hilarity. Guy is a character. I'll look forward to seeing what kind of success Dana achieves as head man.

h/t Chris @ SmartFootball