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Big 12 Basketball: 6 teams in the Top 25

The league seems likely to put six teams into the NCAA tournament.

I do not get tired of that shot.

Texas shouldn't lack for SOS after this year's slate:

3 Kansas
4 Connecticut
6 Pittsburgh
9 Missouri
11 Kansas State
12 Michigan State
15 Baylor
18 Texas
21 Illinois
25 Texas A&M

Right now, I have Texas pegged for 23-10 (+/- 3) assuming a 1-1 Big 12 tourney performance.

Jordan Hamilton is our rock. But our upside rests with the two freshmen (their rate of improvement and ability to resist wearing down under heavy minutes) and J'Covan Brown. And after the UNC game, I hold some slim hope the that the light has turned on for Wangmene. A 15 minute per game rebounding monster who muscles skinny bigs and doesn't demand the ball would be a team asset.