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First Take Care Of Head

Apparently, there is a massive Glaucoma problem in D1 sports and FanHouse has uncovered a lot of data


Apparently, the use of recreational drugs and any punitive measures for such use are left completely up to the school.

Some schools have "mandatory" suspensions when non-starters are caught or really good players continually screw up, while others have no real policy whatsoever, we're looking at you Dabo.

Somebody asked Dan Beebe about this situation and he said:

"Recreational (drug use) doesn't get into the competition, the competitive piece. I think that it's better as an institutional decision within each school's own policy."

Nothing but Amsterdam Northern Lights for Dan, it seems.

Mike Leach pillar of probity and strict rules enforcement, also opined on a Three Strikes approach:

"I've never agreed with it. It holds you hostage (as a coach) after two positive tests."

I guess the only real questions remaining are what is the testing set up? Are these guys hitting the cup with any regularity? Lastly, is Purple Drank considered a recreational drug?