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It's sort of entertaining listening to Herbie trying to calmly discuss the potential implosion of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team this bowl season.

I fear for his children. And couches.

Rumor goes like this, a bunch of players traded signed merchandise for free tattoos at some tats parlor around campus and the taxman stumbled across it. My man, TPeezy disputes this saying he used booster's money to pay for his tattoo. Kidding...

Wouldn't this Jerseys For Ink deal be a violation of NCAA Bylaw 114455355335222555333535-00987778. It's written down in the bylaws manual DCCCXC, the one that is stored behind the Holy Grail.

You know how the NCAA is about athletes getting a little something without the NCAA getting their cut actually taking all of it.

Cecil and Cam Newton were unavailable for comment.

I also wonder if Jim Tressel has a scale model sweater vest tattoo, because that would be awesome.

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