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Late Tatgate Update

TPeezy and the rest of these body art aficionados, who had the temerity to exchange things they owned for services, are suspended!

...for the first five games NEXT season!

I'm not sure the NCAA has the authority to punish somebody in the NFL but I have a call into Pete Carroll to check on this.

Anyway, it's a relief that they will play against Arkansas this bowl season. As a consumer who will watch lots of beer ads, I probably wouldn't have watched the game had Terrelle and the gang been sidelined. Do I care about watching him vs. Agora State next season? Less so, but as I said, I have to think he's playing for pay next season. (wink!)

The NCAA's random punishment generator (or not so random) is going strong. Collegiate athletics is big fucking business. And so is the NCAA, which is odd as they are a non-profit. Interesting to see where this all goes over the next few years.

Predictably there is a great amount of vitriol being hurled at Pere Newton and Cam as they he seems to have done something far more egregious yet the kid continues to flash that gorgeous smile and play on for all the marbles. War Blogle says it's just sour grapes.

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