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Beebe’s 10

Thanks to @maninblack for tracking down the story that Dan Beebe has hired Austin-based firm GSD&M | idea city to help, like, figure out just what the hell this conference is and what to call it.

"We’re looking at how we position ourselves, our name and whether we need a name change," Beebe said.

If you follow along with these things, you know that the Big Ten recently Zook'd the pooch on their attempt at re-branding, re-logoing and so forth by giving their new divisions goofy names, coming up with a milquetoast logo and producing a slate of trophies and awards that has more hyphens than a Mack Brown Depth Chart.

big ten divisions
You're fired.

Idea City began working on the Big 12 project during the football season and sent its staffers to several games to interview fans.

I wonder if they hit the Texas FAU Game. I think there were some fans at that game.

Of course the Big Ten has said that no matter how goofy it is to have some number of teams greater than 10 and continue to call itself the Big Ten, that's just what it will do, because they have tradition, though Jim Delany did mention something about re-convening the Delany-Gee Big Ten Branding Sub-Committee.

In determining new name options for the Big 12, the agency is expected to look at monikers that don’t include a reference to the number of teams in the conference. But they’ll also consider keeping the current name.

And that is where you, Barking Carnival-goers, come in.


We had fun doing this with the Cluster-Flux once a while back.

What do you think we should call this unholy alliance of Texas TV sets?

texas 10
This was funnier when we had a competitive football team.