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Larry Scott Paul Finebaum

First of all, if you haven't checked in to The Paul Finebaum Radio Network before, make a New Year's resolution to give it a whirl some time.

Generally, the audience calls in and hilarity ensues. This Fall you would have learned Nick Saban may not be the guy to get it done at Bama.

Today he had Pac 10 Commish Larry Scott on and Larry had a few interesting nuggets to share. Suffice to say, Larry is a bit confused by the NCAA's approach to meting out discipline.

'Some of these decisions made by the NCAA are confusing to say the least. There seems to be a lack of consistency.' -- Larry Scott via Finebaum Twitter

They go on discuss how he and Jim Delany, Big Ten overlord, were all up in arms over the Cam Newton ruling. Oddly, Jim has been more reserved on the Cam Newton Sugar Bowl issue. This must strike Finebaum as odd as he feels that Delany is a gasbag.

'I expressed concern around the AU decision. People are having trouble now with Ohio St.' -- Larry Scott via Finebaum Twitter

He also had a few statements on the forthcoming continuing conference re-alignment musical chairs game.

'Our belief for the PAC 10 was that consolidation was going to be good for our league. In 5 or 7 yrs we'll see another migration.' -- Larry Scott via Finebaum Twitter

Hell, yeah. Let's put a bullet in the Beebe 12's head. Love to head to Tempe in November.

Here's a snippet. It's short and worth a listen: The Finecast