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Spring Sundry

As Rick Barnes knows all too well, and Charlie Sheen will soon find out, #winning can turn into #losing very quickly. But don't let that stop you from going on a one month bender, Brickhorn. Or just picking up and moving to Switzerland like Toadvine.

After losing three of the last four conference games prior to the win in Waco, there were some questions in the back of every Texas fan's mind...

What rehab facility will I have to check myself into if 2010 repeats itself?

Can you pre-book these things to save money? Are there group discounts? Will srr50 get a senior discount?

Can I room with Ramonce Taylor?

Then Scott Drew happened.

Good thing he had Jesse Jackson on the bench to restrain him from further embarrassment. There is no coach in college basketball I enjoy watching suffer through a loss more than Scott Drew. Tristan Thompson channeled his inner Kanadian Koresh and kindly torched Perry Jones' Charmin-soft post defense and 6 other McDonald's All-Baptists to the tune of 19 points and 13 rebounds. Low high, Rick. Low high. Feed the freshman beast. It makes things easier for Jordan Hamilton. And life is complicated when you're a fringe lottery pick expected to go 20/8 every night.

If you didn't read Trips' Duke/UNC preview for SBNation it was right on the money. And by money I mean he's hitting about 70% for the year. If Billy Walters isn't following on Twitter, he will be soon. Trips will be tweeting live tournament updates, waging advice, and the usual cougar dodging tales from Caesar's Sports Book during the Regionals on March 25th-27th. Just another reason to follow @marchtomarch.

Texas baseball rallied to win a big series against Stanford after chunking game two. Jungmann start = guaranteed win. Green start = likely loss. He needs some one on one I wanna play that game tonight Augie time, with some candlelit zen koan work followed by a W. 6th pub crawl until 2 a.m. Then maybe a 12th & Comal slump buster to finish off the night? In times of struggle, let HenryJames be your guide. PSA: He and his fiance are registered at Crate and Barrel. They love cheese tools.

Thankfully the freshmen bats of Weiss and Payton are hot and clutchy. Unfortunately the bats belonging to classifications Sophomore through Senior are not but as usual pitching and defense will carry the day. f TCU.

I recommend scheduling an extended lunch today for the Barcelona vs Arsenal Champion's League second leg. I know The General is excited but hopefully this doesn't happen again.


I marvel at how the helmet-haired dynamo Joe Lunardi turned Bracketology into a year round job. He literally shuffles a few names in and out of the bracket through a wifi connection in Barbados from April-February. Lunardi is like a shorter version of Scipio with better hair. And yes, I'm jealous of their respective employment perks. Maybe they just took Greg Davis and Tim Ferris' new joint seminar, Getting Paid Not To Work!

Texas needs to win its first game against the Baylor/Oklahoma winner in the Big 12 tourney to lock up a 2 seed, hopefully in the Tulsa bracket. Winning two games there puts us in San Antonio. Hopefully we can avoid big athletic teams like Pitt/UNC/SDSU. Bring on the Jimmer and cloak those Mormons in Turkish Ambergris and Gary Johnson neck tats. Or seduce them with Texas Angels before tip off so the whole team gets suspended for even thinking about sex. Both times Texas has earned a 2 seed under Rick Barnes we made it to the Elite 8 and that's the goal. But this team has also shown elements of being susceptible to a second round whitewash.

Early sleeper: Old Dominion. They simply dominionated VCU last night.

Manny Diaz is one crazy dude. He has a little of that Jim Harbaugh some screws are working some definitely are not but it's a fine mix thing working. A guy like Kenny Vaccaro could absolutely thrive in this system, or he may murder some guy on the field. It's a fine line. But I like what I'm hearing so far, as told by The Jesus. Surprises so far have to be Reggie Wilson, Quandre Diggs, John Harris, Demarco Cobbs, and David Ash. There hasn't been a day where Mike Davis didn't burn Blake Gideon for a touchdown.

And it's a zero sum game that still wins for me.

You are now free to gorge thyselves with food and drink for Fat Tuesday. And drink every day until Easter.