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Horns Grab a Big Piece To Next Season's Hoops Puzzle

Huge news coming out of the Canadian Grass Roots scene almost always seems to involve the Texas Longhorns lately, and the case of Kevin Thomas is no different. Just this morning, the talented 6' 8" hybrid forward has given his pledge to play for the University of Texas and it's huge news for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, Thomas' commitment gives the Horns instant talent to fill a void along the front court with the departure of Gary Johnson and most likely Jordan Hamilton. The good news is that since Thomas has hybrid skills, he will eventually be able to play both of these vacated positions. Thomas is a skilled four who can handle and shoot, or he can be that athletic three that can board and finish. Hybrid forwards are the holy grail of front court play in college hoops today because they can cause matchup problems for opponents night in and night out. If Thomas can improve consistency on his deep stroke and put on some muscle, Coach Barnes can mix and match KT between the three and four spots and be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams.

More importantly, when you have Amadeus Mozart coming in to play the point guard position, it makes sense to get him a piano. Thomas is the type of finishing forward that playmaking point guards like Myck Kabongo covet. The relationship between creator and finisher is symbiotic, and thankfully the Horns can pair these two complementary talents on the same roster once again. Thomas' shot credibility can spread the floor for Kabongo's driving lanes in the half court, or Kevin can be that sure-handed, athletic finisher filling lanes in transition when Myck is jetting up the floor. Bobby Hurley doesn't rack up all of those assists without a stable full of finishers like Thomas Hill, Antonio Lang, and Grant Hill -- Kabongo is no different. Add Thomas to a lineup that hopefully includes Tristan Thompson and you can see Texas is starting to stockpile some guys who can score on the break.

Both Myck Kabongo and Texas fans should be smiling ear to ear this morning.

Here are some of Kevin's highlights to whet your appetite. Nice as rice, mello as jello...