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I Really Get Why Bevo ESPN Had To Happen

Tonight, after I finished screaming at my children and catching up on the Barca / Arsenal game (Messi and Iniesta seem to possess sheer genius; high level soccer needs to punt these injury-feigning poofsters - maybe 30% of the guys), I turned to the world wide web to find out what time we play Baylor tomorrow.

What's that? Scott Drew has a player that received improper benefits and is suspended?

And they lost to Oklahoma?!?! I nearly Toby Keith'd my pants in surprise. Well, the good news is rumor has it that his mom took the benefits and Perry had no idea. He's playing for a check next year right anyway, right? On with the story such as it is.

As I said, I went to the Big 12 website to try and ascertain the start time of tomorrow's contest.

Let's take a gander, shall we?


This purports to be the web presence of a major athletics conference. In 2011. What in the fucking name of Geocities is that? Egads. Get out your blacklight - it looks better that way.

It also gets better once you venture into the Den Of Iniquity called Big 12 Sports Team Fan Shop...

The Big 12 appears to have tapped a huge potential revenue source in Oklahoma State Titty Tats.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Body Art

I next searched for Big XII Meth but that isn't in stock yet. There is a handy number to call.

Obviously I am hoping that ACE can swing by and Photoshop this beauty into a Trailer Divided version.

And yeah, I got some of these for the missus.

I got distracted as anyone would by a Go Pokes merkin.

The point of this is the Big East has all 377 games of their tournament on ESPN. We have our semis on HAM radio. Yes, DeLoss, I'll give Comcast $5 a month to watch the Horns play on my big ass HD screen.

But the wife is keeping the Ok State unders. Because I'm a man.

Please, do yourself a favor and stop by the Big 12 store.

This late night post sponsored by Diamond Creek's Red Rock Terrace.