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Clearing Up Misconceptions

In case you haven't heard, FanTake was recently purchased by the widely-respected national sports media empire, SB Nation. Now that our little blogging community has hit the national stage, we're starting to get a lot of e-mail inquiries from new readers wondering just what FanTake and its flagship blog, Barking Carnival, are all about.

Admittedly, most of those e-mails ask something along the lines of "what happened to all of the photoshopped animal pictures?" We have a form response for those:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interest in Barking Carnival! Based on your inquiry, it appears that you mistakenly arrived at our blog while attempting to connect to an unrelated site, Farking Barnival.

While we apologize for the astonishing dearth of animal-related photoshops on our blog, we trust that you thoroughly enjoyed our hard-hitting, humorous and insightful content and hope you will remain a loyal reader. We promise to make it worth your while. In fact, as I type this auto-generated response, our own Photoshop artistes are tirelessly working to add humorous touches to a set of digital photographs taken by our resident hoops expert at what I understand was some sort of equestrian show in exotic Juarez, Mexico. Stay tuned!

Best Regards,

The Editors

The chatter about FanTake is not limited to just the desperate rantings of barnyard photography enthusiasts. The Internets are literally abuzz, figuratively, with rumors about our little blog. Unfortunately, not all of the talk is positive. Some of the speculation about our values, goals, and beliefs has been inaccurate and even offensive.

To counter the negative publicity, Sailor Ripley invested a tiny portion of the king's ransom he extorted from SBNation in a full-page PR ad that will run in next month's TIME magazine. As a special sneak preview for you, our loyal readers, we've reproduced the ad below. (If you have trouble reading the text, right click on the image and view it in a separate window.)