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Jim Boeheim has been kidnapped

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That's the only conclusion left to draw, based on the Syracuse coach's vote in this week's coaches poll.

(I know, rankings are irrelevant, especially now. But hang with me.)

If you go here, you will find a nifty recap of all coaches' votes in the USAT/ESPN poll this season. I realize that most coaches pass off this duty, but in looking for this week's poll -- for some reason, ESPN still has not posted it on its rankings page -- I found this link.

When you click on each team in a particular week, you see each coach's vote for that team. If you click on Texas, which is ranked ninth this week, you see that Boeheim voted Texas 20th. Not only is this the widest variation from ranking for Texas, it's the widest variation among the entire top 25. It's not like he'd been down on them all season. Last week, he had them 13th. He had them 13th to start the season, and never lower than 21st.

Thus, in my view, the need for the APB.

Last I heard, Boeheim and Barnes were still friends, going back to their days in the Big East (although over the years, it's been hard to find a coach that RB hasn't claimed as a friend). But for all I know, Gene Smith might have filled out this ballot, considering what his selection committee did to the Big 12. Sure, Kansas is No. 2 -- hard to avoid that. But Texas was 20th, and A&M (20th) and Kansas State (24th) were not included. But he had Missouri 24th. A true "go figure." He did put five Big East teams in the top 10, so that was covered.

Of note: There are only six BCS coaches among the 31 voters, and one of them is Scott Drew. At least in this case, he carried the load for the B12. He voted Kansas No. 1, put Texas fourth, A&M 11th and also ranked K-State and Missouri.

But if Jim should show up somewhere, let the authorities know.