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Texas-Arizona Quick Scout And Game Thread

Some quick Arizona thoughts that should help you get a feel for what they're about. I've watched them play two full games, so I'm practically an expert. This is also your game thread.

Wildcat Strengths

- Derrick Williams is the most efficient multifaceted scorer in college basketball in recent memory. 19.2 ppg on 61% shooting. 61% from the 3 point line. He's a stud who gets every point within the flow of the game and he will hit the boards (8.2 ppg). 6-8, 240 with a handle. He grew into his body late, so he has wing skills in a power forward's body. We haven't seen a player at 4 this gifted all year.

- Arizona is deep, with 10 players getting 9+ minutes per game. Williams is the only double digit scorer. They come at you in waves and ride the hot hand.

- Arizona is an outstanding 3 point shooting team (39%) and defends the arc (29%). If you want to understand how they can be 28-7 and Pac 10 Champions, it's Derrick Williams and their 3 point shooting offense/defense.

- Excellent from the free throw line - 75% as a team


- Average overall team defense allowing 44% from the field. Primarily man. Their defense in the paint can be particularly feeble, particularly given the Pac 10's paucity of elite big men.

- No shot blocking presence and they don't turn you over. They're counting on you to miss. They play one-on-one defense with little help from teammates. The extra pass will get you an open look.

- 11-7 record on the road/neutral. 17-0 at home. Several of their road losses were spectacular egg-layings.


- Their coach looks like Jimmy Kimmel with a hangover.

- Their pace is identical to our own. They will run with you and they can play half court through DW.

- They have good size, but don't always play big.

- F Solomon Hill (6-6 225) is their best on-ball defender and stopper. Wildcat fans believe that he can erase Jordan Hamilton from the game with his physicality, length, and quick feet and he fits the profile of athletes who have traditionally given JH a headache.

There's your quick and dirty Zona primer.

Get it on.