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PSA: March Madne$$

PBS is airing a Frontline documentary tonight on money generated by the NCAA tournament. They should have called it Sonny's Story but went for the more innocuous Money & March Madness.

So how can an entity with a $10.8 billion television contract still be considered a non-profit? Education, in their opinion. It's their singular mission.

Tune into your local PBS affilliate at 8 p.m. CST to watch NCAA prez Mark Emmert stare into your soul with a perfect smile and tell you lies. His alma mater, Syracuse, boasted a 33% graduation rate in its basketball program in 2010. And that's 25% better than Maryland's. When asked to comment, Gary Williams mumbled something about attrition, a weak Cheseapeake crab crop this year, and getting snubbed by the NIT.

Oh well. How are your brackets doing?

A tatted up Jim Tressel is rumored to be your guest host.

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.