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Who Loves Knockers and Golf?

OK, who doesn't?

But apparently John Junker REALLY loves knockers and golf, he just wasn't supposed to run it through the Fiesta Bowl expense account.


PlayoffPAC says these are some of the items in the scathing internal report:

  • A $1,200 bill for its CEO to visit a Phoenix strip club;
  • More than $33,000 for the CEO's four-day birthday bash in Pebble Beach, California;
  • Roughly $13,000 for the wedding and honeymoon of the CEO's assistant;
  • Four golf club memberships for Bowl executives;

Well, a couple of things bother me here.  One, this is a nonprofit/charity type or organization.  Second, if you are on the company tab how do you ONLY spend $1,200 at a titty bar. Rookie.

I hope Dan Wetzel continues to point his flamethrower at this stuff.