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Myck Kabongo Open Thread

I mean McDonald's all-American open thread. If we can stop Austin Rivers from being a black-hole (no racist), we have a chance. Check it out on ESPN at 9 central tonight.

Obviously the headliner for Texas fans is Myck Kabongo, but you're in for a treat if you haven't seen Austin Rivers and Michael Gilchrist play. Rivers is a Duke guy while Gilchrist is a hybrid forward going to Kentucky. He's sick.

I'm a little disappointed that Marquis Teague is on the West team because I would have liked to see him head to head vs. Kabongo. I know Myck is ranked as the fifth best guard in the class, but that said, there's not a guard in America with Kabongo's floor game and presence as a pure point guard and that goes for Teague who happens to be the closest thing.

In Kabongo you'll see that type of TJ Ford deferential style tonight, unless Rivers and Teague freeze him out. It'll be fun regardless, giving you a taste of things to come for the Horns next season.

Now if we can only get TT and Jham to come back.