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Brian Brooks Beat the Barkers

Congratulations, Brian. For being the only participant that picked UConn to win it all, a date with sizzlechest awaits!

Second place finisher Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame collects an East Side storage shed of used Tote Bags. We are not responsible for the contents therein.

Dustin Shaw finished third place, emulating the life of HenryJames, thankfully for just one day.

nordberg's family is very proud of his fifth place showing. Can celebratory evites be far away?

We'd also like to congratulate some notable performances by nickel rover, Peter Bean, Homesick Alien, and The General for channeling their inner Matt Howard, shooting 1-13 from the field with the big prize on the line in a scintillating finish for last place.

That prize ultimately went to Kevin Mitchell, whose reward is full credentials at Barking Carnival. Welcome aboard, Kevin. You'll fit in well here.

Next up: The Barking Golf Pricks Masters Challenge. srr50 will be along shortly with the details once he cleans up that putt on 18.