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I ain’t embarrassed to use the word; I’m talking about ethics.

Johnny Caspar asks Leo if the points being made about ethics are clear. Leo's reply: "As mud."

Scanning the college headlines lately when the NCAA comes up has left me feeling much the same way.

I always try to relate things to some scene in Miller's Crossing. If there isn't a ready fit, I then go to Belle de Jour, but that's another story.

Recently we asked the rhetorical question who likes knockers and golf? The obvious answer was pretty much everyone. Even lesbians. And especially John Junker.

You will recall that John was paid mid six figures to make it rain and play golf. Apparently, the NCAA says that's a no no.

So the NCAA convenes one of its many collections of mandarins, this one called the NCAA Postseason Bowl Licensing Subcommittee (you can't make this shit up), to get to the bottom of this tangled mess of table dances and boat drinks.

Many people think the concept of a jury or one's peers is a constitutional right but in fact that verbiage doesn't appear anywhere in the sixth amendment. Nonetheless, it is an enduring belief in America and one that the NCAA takes very, very seriously.

This is the reason the membership who will rule on whether the Fiesta Bowl will retain its NCAA license comprises at least nine people who accepted a three-day golf trip from the Bowl Championship Series' Fiesta Bowl.

It was called the Fiesta Frolic.

Somebody needs to be treated like Eddie The Dane. Or Rug Daniels.

Oh and the committee will meet to discuss this hot topic in New Orleans. New Orleans. You want to get shit done, go to Muncie. You want to wake up with a glazed face and a tattoo, go to New Orleans.

We're all getting a pretty good idea why it's the "Fiesta" Bowl.

Johnny Caspar just wants a framework. He wants to know the ground rules. I think I know what the NCAA would say if you asked to it to look in to its heart.