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Texas Releases Depth Chart for UCLA

The notables:

McCoy and Ash are co-starters with Gilbert listed third.

Ashton Dorsey is a starter at DT after grabbing the position by its haunches and humping it into submission vs. the Cougars. This is huge and should have Vasherized dancing a jig.

Goodwin is now your starter as the Z receiver backed up by John Harris. That didn't take long.

For all intents and purposes, Goodwin took Darius White's spot on the depth chart because he's now backing up Davis at the X. That's what happens when you refuse to block and alligator arm a decent throw from a freshman QB. I consider this a wakeup call for White because there's serious talent in the pipeline in Jones, Johnson, and perhaps DGB for 2012.

Finally, Malcolm Brown is now a co-starter along with Fozzy. That's big because it means Brown gets carries in the first quarter. At least I think so...

More to come tonight. I should have Mondays With the Big Cigar published shortly after you go to bed. I had a real good conversation with El Cohiba Grande this morning, so stay tuned.

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