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Willie Lyles, VP of Marketing

Apparently, Willie is feeling pretty chipper these days and has services to hawk.

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That #11 ranking was such a farce.
If Texas had Complete Scouting Services they wouldn't lose to OU so bad.Sat Oct 08 20:33:13 via Twitter for Android

He also agrees with pretty much everybody here.

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I love the excuses. If they were recruiting so well over the past 3 years it wouldn't be that many Fr starting@jasonrmcdaniel @JeromeSolomonSat Oct 08 21:26:00 via Twitter for Android

I love the Internets.

Serious question, what is the latest on Willie, Oregon and the NCAA? With the deluge of improprieties reported in the last 12 months, it's easy to forget that at one point, it looked like Oregon was F'd in the A.

Is there any sort of investigation going on here? Is Jason Whitlock available to comment? Are there any special deals on Bourbon? I need to know.