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Mondays In the Humidor With The Big Cigar

Finally was able to catch up with El Cohiba Grande after a three week hiatus. The Cigar had some thoughts on Ash packages and QB’s ash-ing in general, but he also rolled up with some attrition news, which, depending on your perspective may be a good or bad thing. If you’ve been paying attention to Recruitocosm and attune with the scholly numbers, you’re probably inclined to think the more numbers available the better.

JS: So I understand the Case McCoy histrionics during the OU game and more specifically our reporting, has caused you some headaches. Sorry about that.

BC: I have no problems with you reporting the information. In fact, I think the program is better for it. There’s no place for that type of bullshit on this team. In fact, there’s no place for parents of players hanging around the practice field trying to assert their agenda on to the staff and players. If a helicopter dad is trying to coach multiple players from the sidelines day in and day out, something needs to be done. It’s one thing if you’re trying to help your kid and an entirely different thing if you’re becoming a distraction.

JS: So it’s okay to publish all of this? You’re not going to get heat from Bellmont?

BC: I’m too old to worry about heat or this or that. In fact, I’m more worried about those on the staff who are annoyed with the constant carping from a certain camp about why they think their son should play. And they’re annoyed, make no mistake. This shit didn’t happen at Boise and the few returning coaches have voiced their dissatisfaction with it happening at Texas. It’s sort of galvanized the offensive staff but it needs to end quickly. The head guy needs to end it.

JS: Ending politics? Is that what you’re talking about?

BC: Yes, and you saw it this week when the staff offered another QB. This program shouldn’t be beholden to any player, family, or father. You shouldn’t be promised to be the only player taken at a position. You shouldn’t get automatic access to the minutiae of daily drills just because your kid committed. You shouldn’t get to stand on the sidelines and bark at our kids just because your kid has signed on the dotted line. And no, I’m not just talking about one or two players. Entitlement sentiment goes all the way up.

JS: It sounds like the new influx of coaches has begun to nip that in the bud. Or at least tried to go in that direction. Would you say that the reshaping of the culture of this program has begun?

BC: I think so. I told you about Vinny Cerrato and Dick Tomey coming to Austin to assess the issues last season and this is the carry over. Mack is willing to make changes from top to bottom, not only with respect to new coaches, but new ways of doing business.

JS: It’s kind of like Ozone and Turbo rewriting the dancing rules on the 40 acres?

BC: I don’t know who the hell that is. Times are changing though.

JS: So you see a smash mouth, physical brand of football taking hold in the program. Freshmen are playing while bleed for the program types have to earn their keep. Sacred cows are being slain left and right. What else is going on?

BC: Attrition. The staff is encouraging it. You’ve seen QB’s leave, the WR left early and there’s rumors of several more. Look for the 1A running back to transfer, along with two on the defensive line. Cotton is a sure thing and Bible should be close behind. The backup kicker on scholarship is another likely candidate. This staff thinks it can recruit the best of the best and certainly better than the former regime so they want as many bullets in the gun as possible. We think we can fill up the roster spots with difference makers, and our style of playing freshmen early in the game is a huge selling point. The staff is hungry.

JS: So what have you heard? We haven’t done a percentage piece for recruiting in a while, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

BC: The next commit will probably be Corey Coleman. The coaches love his playmaking on the offensive side of the ball, and he’s probably the best pure cover guy on the board. He’s versatile. Call it 75%. The next kid should be an offensive lineman. Out of the out of state kids, I’ve heard Searels is quietly confident on Andrus Peat. Call it 60% for now and it skyrockets if he gets on campus. He knows he can play right away. As for the other out of state kids I think they’re a pipe dream with the exception of Green-Beckham. He loves our staff and loves our offense. Call it 40% right now.

JS: Wow, so we’ll take a full class it sounds like.

BC: The staff knows we need to get as many difference makers on campus who aren’t corrupted by the entitlement cancer from years past. They’re trying to fill those voids.

JS: Any word on expectations from here on out?

BC: Eight wins is still the goal, but double digit wins isn’t out of the question if we run the ball like we think we can. Especially considering this defense. That unit can play a little football. Just wait until we unleash kids like Cobbs against the spread team this week. Then we’ll roll out Edmond against KSU a couple weeks after. We’re VERY talented on that side of the ball. Perhaps the most talented unit in the conference. Just watch.

JS: I will. Thanks…