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Practice Report From The Asset

Ash got the most reps again this week and he made the most of his opportunities. If you follow @Recruitocosm on Twitter, you already know that Ash had his best practice as a starter and is starting make some of the throws that make a difference at the position. It’s all about what he does on the big stage, because if subscribe to the philosophy of Allen Iverson, practice is just that, but it looks like the light is starting to flicker for Ash.

Remember, this kid led some huge fourth quarter comebacks his senior at Belton flinging the ball all over the place. It's a matter of time before he builds confidence in his abilities within Harsin's system, but it will come. You can't underestimate the huge dividends playing so many talented freshmen in 2011 will yield in 2012 and beyond.

Back to the goods ... another encouraging thing The Asset tells us about Ash this week is that he’s much more vocal and appears as to be settling into a leadership role and getting comfortable as the starting QB for the Texas Longhorns. Ability is always a key factor, but people forget this kid is months removed his high school prom. The kid’s head has to be swimming and it looked like it was starting to get to him the week leading up to KU. If this week of practice is any indication, Ash is starting find his sea legs at the position.

The Wildcat is still mostly Fozzy and as we first reported to you last week, we’ll look to utilize this formation in the red zone. Again, will Fozzy throw it or will he pitch? We won’t say but it’s in the play book.

As for the other backs, it’s still Brown’s show, but Bergeron got a lot more reps, especially in Wednesday’s workout. The Asset suspects Tech gets a heavy dose from both players in the first half this week. We’re going to test their undersized front 7 with some power and then counter off of that.

The O Line has been solid all week and just might finally have found a consistent rotation. The one downside is that Flowers has been dinged all season and never been completely healthy. This week was no exception -- he didn't maximize the reps he got. The great news is that Cochran is coming into his own as the starting LT. He’s put a lot of work in pass pro drills and he’ll need it against Tech’s quality ends. The Asset tells us that Searels is pretty pleased with Cochran’s performance thus far and thinks he’s found one piece to the puzzle. Still, we'll protect Cochran with the run game, jet action, chips, etc., because Scott Smith can rush the passer.

At wideout, The Asset says Shipley still looks hobbled and is very unlikely to play this week. Davis, Hales, and Onyegbule will do the bulk of the work but The Asset tells us Darius White is going to get another chance to shine this week. Wyatt’s been on him about taking advantage of opportunities. Could this finally be the week #4 breaks out?

On defense, The Asset tells us it’s all the usual suspects with Demarco Cobbs thrown in. We’re going to get as much speed on the field as possible because we’re more concerned about coverage. Look for a hybrid 3-2-6 dime package (we're dubbing it "Platinum") that includes Cobbs as a rover LB/Safety. In the secondary it's still Diggs, Byndom Vaccaro and Gideon in our base but AP is coming in a lot (he's healthy again) and Turner will probably see some nickel as well if Phillips gets dinged again. Mykkele will play too when we go to our man under and need a centerfielder.

At LB it’s the same 3 in our base but Cobbs will probably play if they use the speed package and we'll be throwing out a lof of different denominations, currencies and precious metals at Tech, whether it's nickel, dime, or platinum. You'll see all 6 DB’s in the game plus Cobbs and either Hicks or Robinson.

Along the D Line it will be Howell, who had a whale of a week of practice, especially rushing the passer. The light is flickering for Howell, let's see if he can keep it lit. Tank Jackson also showed well this week and played a little 5-tech but also spelled Howell in our base.

Whaley may get some run in pass downs but Dorsey didn’t get many reps if any this week. The Asset isn’t sure what’s going on there. Perhaps it’s a function of the opponent we’re playing. Ditto for Edmond.

Overall the team is confident, especially the offense now that Ash is starting to be more vocal. Before it was just Walters showing that type of leadership. Cochran is a pretty vocal kid as well for being so young on an O line with a lot of upperclassmen.

Defensively, this team has all kinds of confidence. Manny’s spending less time with concepts and more time with opponent specific wrinkles. The kids are flying to the football as a result. If we can find a credible passing game, The Asset thinks 10 wins is an attainable goal. This bunch isn't afraid to set their sights high.