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2012 Texas - OU 2nd Half Game Day Thread

For you masochists.

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

The conclusions from my Mack Brown vs. OU article earlier this week:

  • In a series famous for improbable upsets, we've only upset Oklahoma once in 14 years under Mack Brown. And that 2008 "upset" was in name only. Those were evenly matched teams. We've never seen a Texas team play well over its head in this game - at least long enough to get the win. We've only performed at expectation. And often well below it
  • When Texas doesn't have any offense in this game, it can't win. The only exception to that was in 2009
  • I'm not a touchy-feely analyst. I spend a lot of time mocking that approach to analyzing football or the world. Most of it is superstition and retrospectively constructed narrative. That all written, I am firmly convinced that Oklahoma has consistently had a superior mental and psychological approach to this game and that it affects outcomes. I can't prove it, but I know it

  • We spent a good portion of this series getting out coached. When we coach better or coach even to Oklahoma, we win 70% of the games