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Red Indifference to Soft Ectomorphs

The word is out

Erich Schlegel - Getty Images

"They were soft (Saturday), and they've been soft in the past. When they get down, they shut it down. You've seen that from them time and time again. I can't think of any Texas teams since Mack Brown's been there — since I've been watching — that just lined up and devastated you with their physicality."

- Dusty Dvoracek

Ringleader Issues Standard Excuse

Rage In Silence, Everyone

Rubbernecking at Invaders Strolling into Endzone

Route Inside, Safety Elsewhere

Really Into Something Else

Rather Intrigued by Setting the Edge

Ram Into Someone, Einstein

"Railka!" Instantly She Enunciated

Random Input, Same End

Rivalry Involves Superfluous Enthusiasm

Repeated Ignominy is Strong Evidence