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Emo Mack is emo, imo

Mack Brown has a sad about the whole world. Please don't be sad, Emo Mack.

You wouldn't understand.
You wouldn't understand.

Listen, I know it sucks that your parents got you that beautiful, shiny new car that requires literally minutes per week of tedious maintenance and care. That is awful, and I sympathize.

It's tough when you're feeling all comfortable and lazy, but everyone keeps hassling you to wake up. So irritating. And it's terrible that you recently lost someone close to you, and the cool kids are all just making jokes about it. That's not fair.

I hate that people are openly cheating off of you in class, even though you got an F on the test, and they have access to a half dozen practice tests that you already took. It's incredibly insensitive of them, and frankly a little stupid.

I know it sometimes feels like you don't have any real friends – people who don't have all these, like, expectations and shit. Just stay close to the people who do care, the ones who can stay positive and encouraging no matter how spectacularly you fail them.

Sometimes, I think you'd be better off if you just left this horrible school and started over somewhere nicer. In fact, yes, you definitely should do that. You should transfer to a school where everyone's not riding your ass constantly about everything. You'd be happier there. But since you're stuck here for now, why not pick on the obnoxious fat kid? I bet it'll make you feel better.