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A GIFt from Jack - Week 3

Jack In The Box loves college football and GIFs that animate. We love Jack's tacos.

Lots of people talking about Mack Brown these days. Is he still the right man to lead the Longhorns? What is his style of leadership? Is he the CEO? What is a CEO? It seems to be an acronym.

One person we know who possesses true leadership and is clearly a CEO, is Jack of In The Box fame.

Jack gets it done so we called upon him to help us create a supercoach, a coach that provides a decided schematic advantage and real charisma. A charmer who could also slice you up on the chalkboard. The best recruits married with the best schemes all eating at the best training table.

Thanks, Jack. We owe you one and will dine exclusively on your tacos for the remainder of the week.


Props to Ulysses S. Cocksman for the GIFt. Follow him here: @USCocksman

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