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SB Nation BlogPoll, Barking Carnival Ballot Week 12

The world goes upside down.

Ronald Martinez

Here's how I ranked 'em after a wild week in college football:


  • Notre Dame is playing for the National Title. Everyone predicting a USC upset doesn't appreciate how lacking in physicality the Trojans are. Defensively, they are small, weak, and not that interested in the more physical aspects of the game. A far cry from Pete Carroll's classic Trojan teams. ND wins this game, irrespective of Matt Barkley's health
  • Stanford deserves every bit of its jump ahead of LSU and A&M. Really strong defense and a lot of mental resiliency. The adoption of the Jumbo 3-4 has proven a boon for them. Oregon just couldn't consistently block them and their secondary, though weak, won't allow anything over the top
  • Kansas St lost to Baylor for a number of reasons, primarily because no one has yet effectively spread them out, but injuries in the secondary, at DE, and to Collin Klein were crippling - it's pretty obvious, to me at least, that Klein was playing hurt. Unfortunately for Texas, he has 18 days to heal before facing the Longhorns at home for a chance to assure the Cats of a BCS bowl game
  • Tavon Austin is amazing. Moving him to RB was long overdue. This season, West Virginia has learned the hard way the difference between a quality conference where you have to bring it every week vs. the Big East. Their two best performances were against the Big 12's two "marquee" teams...and then the rest of the league pretty much pummeled them
  • Hats off to Mike Gundy who has gotten effective QB and WR play from a MASH unit. Oklahoma State is a real program now and they'll be among the early favorites in next year's Big 12 race