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Barking Carnival BlogPoll Week 13

My take on the Top 25.

Scott Cunningham

Some comments:

  • The USA Today poll currently has 9-2 Boise State ranked at #15. How lazy is that? They lost to a poor Michigan State team and to San Diego State. Their signature win is a 1 point victory over 7-5 BYU. They're now a name brand getting more benefit of the doubt than any team in the country. I have them unranked, as they should be
  • I'm not ranking Northwestern and it pains me to rank even three Big 10 teams. I eagerly await the Big 10 bowl season
  • Kent St vs. Northern Illinois winner gets to stick around in my poll
  • Utah State is a great story. And they deserve every bit of their ranking
  • Very tempted to rank San Jose State, but they just missed my Top 25
  • Vandy has won six in a row, after starting the year at 2-4. Not shabby
  • I have Oklahoma State ranked pretty high for a 4 loss team - mostly because I think they're playing great football. They close out with an incredibly dangerous Baylor in Waco
  • Clemson played a two game schedule and lost both games
  • It all comes down to Alabama-Georgia doesn't it?
Your thoughts?