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Barking Carnival BlogPoll Week 10

Ranking 'em, 1-25.

Stephen Dunn

  • I've been saying that Boise State is overvalued for a while and they rewarded me with a loss to San Diego State. Legitimate chance for Boise State to lose 3 games this year, which is a considerable drop off compared to their performance over the last half decade
  • I'm not sure how to rank UCF or Rutgers. Weak leagues, solid records. At least UCF played Ohio State competitively in Columbus. Do Northern Illinois or Toledo deserve rankings? Let's let them play each other and rank the winner if they win out
  • When Big 12 and Big 10 teams have similar records, I'm giving the nod to the Big 12 team. Sorry, Northwestern and Michigan. I'll take Oklahoma State and Texas Tech over both of you on neutral fields
  • Mississippi State's ranking is a bit of a shell game. They've lost to the only two quality teams they've played (A&M, Alabama) by a combined 76-20. If they drop two of their last three, I won't be surprised a bit. Tempted to leave them unranked, but I'll let their next loss do that work for me
  • The Pac 12 is sneaky good. I really like UCLA. I'm surprised Jim Mora Jr has been so effective, frankly
  • If you missed USC-Oregon, it was insane. 1345 combined yards, 113 combined points. Barkley threw for 484. Kenjon Barner ran for 321
Thoughts? Attacks? Mockery?