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Computer Nerds: The Big 12 was the best conference in 2012

Jeff Sagarin says the Big 12 was better than the SEC from top to bottom this season -- and numbers don't lie.

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The SEC goes after its 7th straight National Championship next month, while the Big 12 can take solace in that the computers say it is the best league top to bottom.

According the Sagarin poll, the top four BCS conferences were the Big 12 (82.27), SEC (81.16), Pac-12 (79.07) and the Big Ten (75.79).

The SEC was top heavy in 2012, with its bottom third resembling a landfill, while the middle was as soft as a krispy kreme donut. The bottom third (Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri) went a combined 19-41 for the season. The three middle teams (Mississippi, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt) were 22-14.

The real indictment of this crew of 8 is that they finished a combined 0-30 against the other six SEC teams. Not a win among them.

As for the Big 12, Kansas was the outlier, finishing 1-11. Every other team will go to a bowl, with Iowa State (6-6) the only team with less than 7 wins.

Of course this is not acceptable to the SEC, and it has swiftly moved to make amends as all five of the bottom feeders fired their coach.