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Dan Patrick Wants Your Thoughts On Swimsuits

As you know, we at the Carnival are huge fans of swimsuits. Particularly hot women in them (not mentioning any names due to threats of arson).

First we had Scipio celebrating the arrival of the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Then we had a celebration by recruiting guru and aficionado BD6 and Kate Upton Sinclair celebrating the commitment of LAKE HIGHLANDS WILDCAT Kent Perkins (FRANK OKAM AND PHIL DAWSON HOLLA!).

We also have partners who pay us huge sums of money to link to places where they show women in swimsuits. Our friends at the University Coop have a brand new line of bathing costumes they would like you, or more accurately your friends on Mustang Island, to consider.

There is also video:

But most importantly, Dan Patrick.

Dan wants, no needs, your opinion on whom the hottest SI Swimsuiter is. Our buddies from You+Media power this gizmo. Give it a try.