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2014 DE Derick Roberson Commits to Texas and it's a huge one

Mack strikes back.

After patiently watching SEC teams shower 2014 Texas blue chips with early offers, Mack Brown responded in kind, letting those approved for an early offer act on an early commitment and sending a clear message to would be poachers that he's down for a border war.

The day started with the first ever pre-February commitment by an incoming junior when Lorenzo Joe pulled the trigger and became the first pickup for the 2014 class.

It turns out more than ten guys in the class received offers, including the freak DE from San Antonio Brennan, Derick Roberson, who didn't wait long to make it official.

Ranked in the top 5 of any respectable recruiting list for the 2014 class, the 6'3, 215 LB sack artist might be the best pure DE in the state right now regardless of classification.

See for yourself on HUDL and keep in mind these are sophomore highlights.

So who's next?