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Vince Young, College Graduate

Friday Vince Young officially earns the most coveted award a Longhorn Football player can get -- a T Ring


Friday is a big day for Vince Young as he becomes the first member of his family to graduate from college.

The roller coaster ride that Young has been on since leading Texas to the National Championship hits a high spot as family and friends watch him officially awarded his degree in Youth and Community Studies.

For all of the drama (and missteps) his NFL career has encompassed, Young today takes a significant positive step in his life.

The ceremony is more than just a symbol of the classroom work he put in, it is also an example of the maturation of the man. Young told that he wasn't sure how many family and friends would be on campus, but that number would include his father, who has been out of the picture for almost all of his life.

This maturation process is something Young hopes the NFL will take notice of.

"I'm about to be the first in my family to graduate," he said. "Just finishing what I started. That's why I'm trying to get back in the NFL. To finish what I started. That is the type of guy I am. I do work hard--even when the times are good or bad. That's just how I was raised."

Young continues to workout, hoping to get another shot at playing pro football. But he also understands that getting his priorities straight is the most important task at hand.

"It's definitely been a learning experience," Young said. "I've learned, 'Don't let things distract you or define who you are -- even if you do make a mistake.' I'm one of those guys who kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Even if I'm not playing football, I wasn't going to let those mistakes that I did make, define me as a person. I'm 30 now with a wife and family. I'm in a whole other stage in my life now."

Vince Young - National Champion.

Vince Young - Texas Ex.