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Big 12 distributes 198 million to conference members

And there's more to come...


According to the Austin-American Statesman. That's 22 million each to the eight core members and 11 million to TCU and West Virginia, who gain full financial equivalence in 2013 2015.

The bulk of that revenue comes from bowl games, television revenue, and the NCAA basketball tournament.

Bowlsby added that he expected the league to disperse more than $30 million per school soon and said, by the end of the 13-year television deal with ABC, ESPN and Fox, which began last year, the members will received about $40 million "if not just shy of that."

Not shabby.

The numbers are also reflective of the overall growth of the pie in collegiate sports profitability as the Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC post similar conference-wide numbers.

As for Texas specifically, when you throw in the guaranteed lucre from the Longhorn Network, add valuable national leading merchandising and licensing, as well as ticket sales and Foundation shakedowns, Longhorn Athletics is rolling in unprecedented cash.

While profits are absolutely desirable, and Texas possessing the largest war chest in college athletics offers a competitive advantage (with diminishing returns after a certain threshold), I still have serious doubts about the future demographic viability and attractiveness of the conference vis a vis the Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC.

Further, Texas fans aren't paid in Bellmont salaries - they're paid in wins, hardware, and national relevance in the three major men's sports. The money is a means to that end. Not the end in of itself. See the essay I wrote called What Does We Are The Joneses Actually Mean? that dove into this particular form of fan chest-thumping, which is really a useful idiot's celebration of underachievement.

To that end:

Powers also expressed "absolute confidence" in the future success of the embattled football, basketball and baseball programs at his school.

Longhorns fans hope that confidence is justified. We certainly can't claim poverty as a reason for inaction.