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Vince Young's promising Green Bay Packers situation

Great third quarter, VY.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

One more preseason game to go but with news that Graham Harrell seems to have been released, things look promising for VY.

That's what winners do. They win things.

Turns out the back up QB situation in Green Bay isn't all doom and gloom.

The backup quarterback situation wasn't all gloom and doom, though. Vince Young cobbled together a pair of long scrambles and some short passing, ultimately culminating in the Packers' only touchdown. Young still lags behind the other passers in terms of understanding the offense. Yet the fact remains that after only two and a half weeks, Young's performance has exceeded that of Harrell and B.J. Coleman.

Really enjoyed watching him to do his thing last night. Seemed like he played instinctually and was more comfortable.

Congrats, VY. Let's keep it going.

I'll be at The 'Sttck' tomorrow trying to bring some good Longhorns mojo Colt's way.